What we do

Our goal is to provide live bus tracking in the smaller to moderate sized cities around the world. Many of the world's biggest cities have bus tracking and train tracking, for example, London, New York, Berlin, etc. However, most smaller cities around the world are still lacking these services. Paradoxically, the need for tracking is much more acute in these smaller cities since the bus times are often much more infrequent or varied.

We have developed a very cost competitive product which provides automated tracking of buses in cities. We are initially prototyping and refining this service in some of the smaller cities in New Zealand. We are a New Zealand locally owned and operated company.

The TrackABus service uses Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and wireless communications technology to track the real-time location of buses. This lets riders use their computer, cell phone, smartphone or other connected device to get information about when the next bus will arrive at their stop, even if they are still at home, the office, shopping, or dining.

TrackABus Dunedin

Specifically, the TrackABus service is available using a desktop website, a mobile accessibility-friendly website on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or other smartphones, dedicated iPhone and Android apps, or using SMS text messaging on any mobile phone.

Installation onto a fleet of buses is done via installing a TrackABus Locator Unit on each bus in the fleet. The TrackABus Locator Unit is hooked into the 24V or 12V electrical system of the bus for power. (The TrackABus Locator Unit comfortably functions with any voltage between 8V to 36V.) After that there is no interaction on the part of the bus driver / maintenance.