A selection of the latest news articles involving TrackABus.

TrackABus Nelson ready for prime time

2 Apr 2019

After two weeks of fine tuning and further testing the TrackABus Nelson real time service is ready for use by the public. Initially information can be found on the main web site although future planned developments include integration with the Transit App and electronic signage at the main Nelson Terminus. more >>

TrackABus service for NBus Nelson

13 Mar 2019

After 3 days on site at Nelson Coachlines and the Nelson City Council the initial launch of the TrackABus Nelson real time service has been made. more >>

Queenstown service goes live to the public

21 Aug 2015

The Queenstown real time service was released to the public today. Real time information is available via the web and mobile web sites, an SMS service and from on-bus information screens. more >>

On-bus screens rolled out in Queenstown

12 Aug 2015

Over the afternoon of the 12th and morning of the 13th TrackABus installed on-bus information screens on the remaining 6 low floor buses of the Connectabus urban fleet. more >>

Service Outage

17 Jul 2015

A network outage at Wicked Networks effected the TrackABus real time services between 2:00 - 2:45 yesterday. Our cloud failover process was initiated but the network issue was resolved before the services were switched to the cloud instances. more >>

Invercargill real time service launched

28 May 2015

The TrackABus real time service for Invercargill was launched to the public today with a front page article appearing in the Southland Express. Russell Pearson, the Invercargill City Council (ICC) roading manager, stated: more >>

Collocated at Wicked Networks

22 Apr 2015

We are pleased to have completed a major infrastructure project and moved all of our TrackABus real time services onto a collocated hosting service provided by Wicked Networks in Dunedin. more >>

Connector real time service for Taranaki

2 Apr 2015

The TrackABus real time service covering the long distance 'Connector' bus service in Taranaki went live to the public yesterday. The Taranaki Regional Council press release can be viewed here. more >>

Most Recent Installs

17 Mar 2015

We continue to be very busy... We are in the process of finalising various installations around the country which we will announce formally when we go fully live with them.  We are making good progress with our live trials and we continue to roll out more sites across the country.  In addition, there are also other ongoing trials which are in development that we will announce in the near future. more >>

Many Improvements

5 Aug 2014

During the last couple of months we have made many changes to the underlying systems powering the TrackABus platform. We have met some important milestones in improving our ability to be able to scale effectively. That is, adding new cities to our tracking system has become much easier on the back end. At the same time the efficiency of the whole process is greatly improving. The public facing website has remained much the same for a number of months now, however the back end site for operators has seen many rapid improvements. Our team is very pleased with the process. more >>

Queenstown project

19 Jan 2015

The New Year brings a new project for TrackABus. Having worked with Connectabus since 2014 developing the TrackABus service the Otago Regional Council have agreed a formal project to bring a real time service to Queenstown. more >>

Wairarapa is up

16 Jul 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are now live-tracking 13 buses for the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) in the Wairarapa region. These routes include: more >>

Tracking Connectabus Queenstown

24 Mar 2014

We have just finished installing tracking units in 10 buses in the Connectabus fleet in Queenstown. The units are now live-tracking and can be followed here! more >>

Buses are up part 2!

11 Mar 2014

After experimenting with the software, we have now installed new software on all the tracker units and our reliability metrics are up! Things are looking good. more >>

Buses are up!

24 Feb 2014

Well, after a day of testing we are pleased to report we have now successfully installed TrackABus boxes on all the Ritchies Dunedin fleet, and these buses are all showing up and we are live-tracking them! Ritchies have been fantastic to work with and really helpful. We are still working on the software side of the roll out and need to work out some issues but things are really coming along very nicely! more >>

Tracking All of Ritchies

23 Feb 2014

This last Sunday we completed the final installation of our TrackABus boxes on all Ritchies buses in their Dunedin fleet. We have now experimented with a number of prototype boxes and power supplies and happily are settling in on a final unit design which is robust and user friendly to mechanically install. I think we are now on the TrackABus Box Mark 7 (depending on how you count). In any case this Monday morning we are hopeful that all the buses in the Ritchies fleet in Dunedin will be tracking. more >>