Most Recent Installs

Posted 17 Mar 2015, by Jason Harris

We continue to be very busy... We are in the process of finalising various installations around the country which we will announce formally when we go fully live with them.  We are making good progress with our live trials and we continue to roll out more sites across the country.  In addition, there are also other ongoing trials which are in development that we will announce in the near future.

There have been new obstacles / differences that we have encountered with some of the new trials, which although they presented some challenges, we are happy to say we have overcome them. For instance, in the live trial for Gisborne we are now tracking both school buses and urban buses.

Importantly, in the main, the install and the roll out process is becoming a more efficient and fluid undertaking. Our underlying technology continues to improve. For instance, we are about to move our servers to a new co-location centre. Additionally, we are in the final stage of testing new servers which are much more capable than our old servers. This will have a number of positive impacts on our development operations on the backend. Furthermore, during the last months we have made many improvements to the backend operations centre that many bus operators use.

This current growth phase for us provides challenges, but at the same time exciting opportunities.