Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions from users of TrackABus. If your question hasn't been asked yet, contact us with your question.

How can I use this system while I'm out at the bus stop?

TrackABus will be available via SMS text message on any cell phone, or on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and any other Internet-enabled smartphone via TrackABus for Mobile. Full iPhone and Android applications are under development.

Instructions: To use it via smartphone, visit in your phone's browser. To use it via cell phone you need to know your stop number which, until signage is updated, requires you to find this information on the web site first. If you know the stop number just send a text message prefixed with 'WRE' to 400 (e.g. 'WRE 130000' to 400).

Why does the TrackABus system sometimes lag behind where I see the buses on the street?

The TrackABus system gets information from each bus approximately every 5-10 seconds, so please don't wait until the last second to go to your stop.

What does the location of buses (e.g. 2 stops away) and time-based information (e.g. 5 minutes away) mean?

Due to varying traffic conditions and passenger numbers, predicting the exact time a bus will arrive at a stop is difficult.  The most reliable indicator is what we do know for sure - where the bus is now.  The time estimate is based on the expected time to travel this distance under normal conditions.

Why did a bus that I saw on the street not show up in the TrackABus system?

The most likely cause of this problem is that the GPS or wireless communications hardware on the bus needs to be repaired (at this time a bus is not kept out of service if is working other than the tracking hardware).  We aim to repair the hardware as quickly as possible, but these repairs may take a day or two.

Of course, the hardware may be working fine and you may have experienced some other bug in the TrackABus system.  In any case, it helps us to hear from you about this type of problem, so please let us know about your experience using the TrackABus system.

Can I bookmark my favorite stop?

Yes.  Simply bookmark the page on which you have found information for your stop.  From either the desktop or mobile sites, just click the stop you are interested in and bookmark as you would any other site. The bookmark saved for this page will bring you back to this stop.

How does TrackABus work?

Please see the About page.

How can I help improve TrackABus?

To report any issues using TrackABus please Contact Us.

What does the TrackABus SMS service cost?

At present the TrackABus SMS service costs 20 cents per text.

We are actively investigating options to lower or remove this cost in the future. But remember, it is of course free to use TrackABus through the web interfaces.